What we ate today: A day in the life of a plant based family

Feeding a family is full of compromises – as I’m sure you know! While the girls don’t get offered separate meals, tweaks are made at each meal to ensure adequate nutritional intake by all. Variety and an appreciation for their favourites go a long way to keeping everyone happy.
At six, Layla is willing to try most foods. Tessa is four and prides herself on being a perplexing mixture of stubborn and fickle. Ramona is one and behaving accordingly.
Here’s an overview of what we ate in a day, complete with notes of the compromises that were made for each meal.Β To give you an idea of the compromises, on each of the meals below I have noted any tweaks that were made.

Breakfast: Bircher muesli with almond milk and a sprinkle of frozen blueberries
(plus a handful of cheerios for the big girls)

Morning Tea: Green Smoothie (banana, mango, date, baby spinach, hemp seed) and Wholemeal Choc Chip Biscuits
(no modifications required here apart from letting the youngest know that she wasn’t allowed a whole biscuit!)
Lunch: Homemade hummus, garden fresh tomato and rocket on multigrain sourdough toast topped with my Crunchy Nooch Sprinkle
(Tessa had toast with hummus and sprinkles plus some cucumber and carrot sticks on the side, Ramona had toast with hummus. All the girls had strawberries to follow.)
Dinner: Mushroom & Brazil Nut Pie, homemade chips and fresh tomato sauce
(everyone in the family loved this, Ramona had bits of chip and pie filling to pick at)

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