What are you grateful for today?

There’s a tradition in our family, one that started when Layla was small and I was looking for positives in the sometimes long day of parenting a little person. Each night around the dinner table we take a turn to share what we’re grateful for that day.

The desire to live a more authentic life is full of intangibles and fleeting moments of connection. That feeling known as Samadhi, when we are fully open to the energy and beauty of the universe is so personal and fleeting. Sharing gratitude each day creates an opportunity to share what is special to us with the people that we would like to know us most intimately.

When Dad is a teacher and Mum works from home there’s so much opportunity to live in the moment and be with the girls. So as we come to the end of the summer holidays I can’t help but feel a little bit off. There’s sadness that the abundance of time we enjoyed is coming to an end. But there’s also excitement in wondering what the year ahead holds.

I’m left contemplating what I’m grateful for. We’ve had a wonderful five weeks filled with beach time, creative play, sewing, cooking, gardening, family visitors, trips to Sydney and anything else we could squeeze in. I hope your holidays have been great too!

My top five things I’m grateful for these holidays are:

  • Early mornings at the beach
  • Watching the kids deep in imaginative play
  • Evenings in the veggie patch when it’s too hot for bed
  • Jars full of salsa made with our own tomatoes
  • Not packing school lunches!

What about you? Does your family have a ritual for sharing gratitude? What are you grateful for today?

what are you grateful for today
Imaginative play that’s based in reality?

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